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Over the past two years, has served millions of patients and families across four continents, empowering them to store, share and secure their health records digitally.


From October 4th, we will continue our most ambitious development of pioneering health technology so far!


We are focused on improving our existing applications while empowering patients with even more world-leading health services including virtual consultations, advanced prescription solutions, seamless integrations with your healthcare providers, appointment booking systems and much more.


During this period of advanced development, will be temporarily unavailable for 90 days.


What does this mean?

From October 4th, 2022, will not be accessible for a period of 90 days. As always, your account and all associated data remains safe and secure. You will be notified when our service upgrades have been completed.


We are very excited to deliver even more valuable digital health services to you and your loved ones on your personal health journey. From all the team at, we would like to thank you for your continued support in our pioneering services. Health Passport Worldwide Digital Health Health Passport Worldwide Digital Health


HPW is a leading international digital health solution, helping millions of patients and healthcare providers across four continents. 

We lead with 'Patient Empowerment' to ensure that both the patient and the professional are in full control of healthcare information. HPW helps healthcare professionals to provide even faster and better care.

This secure cloud-based platform enables enhanced solutions across a multitude of health services including diagnostics, X-rays & scans, blood tests, prescriptions, dental, telehealth, appointment bookings and much more.


HPW FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY Health Passport Worldwide Digital Health Heart

Take control of your health information for free. Download the Health Passport Worldwide mobile app and set up your account.

This secure cloud-based platform enables enhanced services across many health services, including diagnostics, X-rays & Scans, Blood tests, Prescriptions and much more.

After a diagnostic test, you can choose to receive your results automatically in your app.

You decide what information to share and to which of your authorised healthcare providers. You can enable and disable access at any time. You can also support your children or your dependents with their healthcare needs. 

You decide which healthcare providers can view your information using our specially designed Health Access Control System (HACS). Your privacy is fully protected. Health Passport Worldwide Digital Health Hearing

Your health in your hands. Health Passport Worldwide Digital Health Heart Health Passport Worldwide Digital Health Dental
HPW Health Passport Worldwide HPW.Health Digital Health Medical Cloud Portal Health Passport Worldwide Digital Health


HPW is the complete digital health solution you have been waiting for. This advanced digital health platform uses the latest technologies to deliver the most compelling end-to-end patient care pathways. 

HPW is a super efficient EHR solution with data automation and integration. It includes a centralised portal where authorised medical professionals can review and share records in real-time. 

A highly effective data management tool, with immediate access to patients' medical history with their consent. The Master Patient Index ensures accurate patient information and reduces the risk of data errors.

The HPW digital prescription service is a world leading solution, supporting patients, GPs, pharmacists and public health authorities. 

HPW's cloud based technology is accessible whenever you need it, from any device. The medical portal uses sophisticated security measures and all data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

HPW seamlessly integrates with LIMS, RIS, legacy EHR systems, booking engines, medical devices and much more.

HPW is fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant.


HPW's Health Access Control System (HACS) is a world-first digital health service, creating the most efficient and effective solution to managing access to health records with full patient consent.


Patients have complete control over which healthcare providers can access their various health records in real-time.

Healthcare providers can send their patient an access request to view the relevant information required to provide the best care in the fastest way.

Once the patient approves, the healthcare professional can immediately review the relevant health records within the HPW Medical Portal.

The patient can grant or revoke access to their health services at any time, directly from their HPW app.

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HACS Health Passport Worldwide Digital Health My Health Card


HPW ensures that everyone has the opportunity to avail of the latest digital health services.

For patients with limited access to a smartphone, healthcare providers can offer a physical HPW Health Card.

HPW Health Cards can be scanned to authenticate using


Medical professionals have the ability to scan for access to advanced features by using the HPW Scanner mobile app and HPW Medical Portal.



Data privacy and protection is at the very heart of HPW.


There are multiple stages of security, including verification and device specific usage steps.

The HPW System:

Does not use cookies.

Does not use Bluetooth.

Does not track your location.

Does not send or sell data for marketing.

Does not use data for any profiling.

HPW collects the absolute minimum amount of data to perform the most effective and secure digital health service.



As part of the diagnostic journey, HPW provides systems and technologies to streamline the process from data integrity and sample collection to result delivery. 


HPW QR codes can be scanned and verified whenever needed. This provides many functions; including requesting access to patient health services, prescription authentication, patient identification and much more.

Patients from all around the world can choose to grant access and share their information with healthcare providers to receive the fastest access to care.

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HPW Health Passport Worldwide Access Control Request.png
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